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"The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics says that machines that produce more energy than you put into them are impossible, but that's not true! That only applies to machines whose energy input is closed to the environment. But for machines that are OPEN to the environment, they CAN produce more energy than you put into them!"

REVEALED: Learn the Real History of Thermodynamics and how discoveries in the last 40 years have layed the foundation for the industrial use of super-efficient machines in all sectors of the economy!

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Open System Thermodynamics


Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies. Peter is an internationally recognized Lecturer and Educator, and is the founder of one of the oldest and most successful free energy websites on the internet.

Conference Series, Part 3
Science and Technology Conference

Perpetual Motion Reality by Peter LindemannFrom: Peter Lindemann, DSc
RE: Open Systems Thermodynamics

Dear Friend,

I became interested in the idea of a "self-running" engine in 1973. That's when I ran into an article about Ed Gray's EMA Motor that produced 80hp and kept its batteries fully charged at all times.

Something just "clicked" inside of me. I knew this was really important, and I wanted to learn more. My brother and I wrote to the company, but were told they couldn't tell us anything else besides what was in the newspaper articles. That was disappointing, but it started me out on a life-time quest to understand more about this science.

Ten years later, I was living in Santa Barbara, California, and working with a brilliant engineer and machinist named Michael Knox. Together, we developed a number of novel electric motors and generators, all of which produced anomolous behaviors. The biggest problem we had was that we really didn't know how to test the machines.

In 1987, Eric Dollard showed up in our lab and finally ran some definitive tests. One of the generators could not be made to operate below 108% efficiency! The tests were all done correctly! There was only one possible conclusion; the "Laws of Thermodynamics" were NOT an absolute, limiting case on the efficiency of machines!!!

Of course, as soon as we had something to show, with test results to prove what it was doing, all funding dried up! Actually, we tried to raise funds for the project for far too long, and our personal finances became desperately low. In the end, we had no other choice. We put the project on the shelf, dissolved the company, and all went out and got jobs.

But I kept studying, and learning, and writing about these ideas. In 1994, I published an article in BORDERLANDS Magazine titled Thermodynamics and Free Energy. It was my first attempt to explain the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the Laws of Thermodynamics, and why Free Energy machines were possible. That was 19 years ago. Today, I know a lot more. So, I decided to put together an up-dated, definitive explanation of my current understanding of Thermodynamics and the physics of how to use energy more efficiently, and ultimately, to produce a wide variety of "self-running machines." Now you can have this understanding, too!

OPEN SYSTEM THERMODYNAMICS is that communication. I know, the name doesn't sound very interesting, but honestly, I believe it is the most important lecture I have ever given.

It lays out a broad, historic overview of the development of humanity's relationship with HEAT and the breakthrough realization of how to power our machines with it, starting about 300 years ago. Considering that our ancestors harnessed FIRE tens of thousands of years ago, heat engines remain a relatively recent development.

The Ancients were totally focussed on "harnessing Nature" to power their machines. Wind powered boats go back to pre-historic times, and water flowing in rivers was used to lift water into aquaducts by the Romans 2000 years ago. The point is, Heat was not harnessed by our early ancestors because they didn't understand what it was or that it could be separated from Fire. Fire could cook their food, but it could also burn down the whole town. There was always a "fear factor" associated with heat because of the dangers with Fire getting "out of control".

So it was, that the "fearless and systematic" study of Fire and Heat started only about 300 years ago. The math to properly engineer heat engines is less than 200 years old. The metallurgy needed to build small, powerful engines is less than 100 years old. The understanding of how heat behaves in "closed systems" near the point of "equilibrium" is about 160 years old. And the understanding of how heat behaves in "open systems", far from the point of "equilibrium", is only 40 years old!

We are finally at that point in History where the materials science, the math and the theory are all available to begin harnessing heat from even "low grade" sources. That is what heat pumps do! In fact, a home heating system based on a heat pump can extract enough heat from the outside air on a cold, Winter day, to warm your house.

Back in 1900, Nikola Tesla published an article titled The Problem of Increasing Human Energy. In it, he discusses the possibility of building a machine that could be powered by the "heat of the ambient air". He believed it was the ideal way to harness the energy from the Sun and "the ideal way of obtaining motive power." This was Nikola Tesla's vision; an endless, clean power source, replenished by the Sun, but available everywhere, 24 hours a day!

Near the end of my lecture, OPEN SYSTEM THERMODYNAMICS, I show you the complete method to accomplish Tesla's amazing invention. He called it his "Self-acting Engine". It is a "heat engine" that extracts all of the heat it needs to operate from the heat in the ambient air, and produces mechanical energy and cooled air as a by-product. It is a combination of a heat pump and a thermal expansion engine with some very unique features.

That one revelation is worth the entire sales price, but you'll get much more...


First, you'll learn the REAL history of the development of Thermodynamics, and where the errors are in these "Laws."
Next, I'll show you how heat, electricity, and mechanical energy can be conserved during their passage through a machine, and even recovered and used again to improve it's performance.
I'll show you how these are "general principles" that can be applied to increase the energy efficiency of any system or machine, from water distillers, to electric motors, to Stirling Engines.
Finally, I'll show you the complete method to accomplish Tesla's "ambient temperature heat engine", which has never been shown anywhere in public before!


"I saw the presentation at the Conference, and I just purchased a copy of the Download. The few slides and video I took during the presentation were not enough to capture the enormity of the message. So I had to see it again! As always, Peter, you don't disappoint. It was some of the most exciting and promising ideas regarding the production of large amounts of cheap or "free energy" I have seen in quite some time. Peter, thank you again for your tireless commitment to the movement forward from our outdated energy systems and business practices." - Stephen Brown

"I have worked as an engineer within physics for over 20 years, so I know that 99% of the scientists are very close-minded to revolutionary new ideas. Peter says 'look at all these systems with COP>1, why don't we use them?' For me, this lecture was extremely interesting, since Peter described exactly what I thought I would learn when I took a thermodynamics class in physics 25 years ago! My only problem with Peter's lectures is that they are too far apart, I have to wait a year for the next!" - Bjorn

"Just loved your lecture on 'Open System Thermodynamics.'I have watched it twice now and still haven't come up for air! Thermodynamics; What's that? Most people bandy that nomenclature about whilst all-the-while not even being able to spell it, let alone recite those specific "laws." Your articulation on the subject helped me soooooo much! Thanks again for your great educational thrust… I, for one, am listening intently!" - David Whattam, BC Canada


Quite frankly, I don't think anyone has ever offered this much real information on the subject of Thermodynamics, in one package before. So, this must be your lucky day! I've spent over 30 years and tens of thousands of dollars studying this subject, so that is what it's worth to me.

My consulting fee for a technology briefing is $250 per hour. Open System Thermodynamics is over an hour and a half, so $375 would be my fee for this much time. With a price this high, only a small handful of people could afford it. Instead, I need thousands of people to be empowered with this information to really make a difference, so I'm making this available for a nominal $27.


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